The subject matter for my paintings is whatever is around me. Objects and ceramics I’ve collected all my life. The fruit and vegetables we might be eating that day. Seasonal flowers. And the landscapes around me, now mainly in the West Country. There is always something that, regrouped, or in a new light or in a changed season, excites me.

I work in both acrylic and oil. I approach each subject differently and instinctively, though I have been trained at Heatherley’s School of Fine Art in London.

If you were to ask me who are my favourite painters at the moment, I’d say Nicolas de Stael for his abstracted figures and landscapes, Joan Eardley, the Scottish painter, for her free and loose style in her wild landscapes, and Morandi for the simplicity and neutral tones of his still life. All very last century!!  I like David Tress who is a modern painter for how he uses collage within his painting .

I have exhibited in West France, South of France and in London.